Gases and Chemicals

Gases and Chemicals

Our highly trained and certified staff are experienced in moving your hazardous product efficiently, timeously and safely. Safety is a key consideration as is respect for the environment, thus each operation is done with forethought and planning. Once your logistical needs have been assessed equipment is provided based on IMDG Classification, the density and the viscosity of the product. The ISO intermodal design of a tank container provides a variety of functions from static storage, to door-to-door solutions, with tank containers moving via sea, rail, road and barge. Most tank containers offer insulation and steam heating with electric heating being provided on some specially modified tanks. We provide tank containers for the safe transportation of a variety of specialised gases and chemicals utilizing product specific tanks.

Tank Containers for carrying liquid chemicals: IMDG Class 3 - 9
Tank containers for carrying Gases: IMDG Class 2
Tank containers for carrying Cryogenic Gases: IMDG Class 2

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