Our highly trained and certified staff are experienced in moving your hazardous product efficiently, timeously, and safely.

We provide tank containers for the safe transportation or storage of a variety of specialised gases and chemicals utilizing product-specific tanks.

Transporting Bulk Gases

Our experienced team looks forward to moving the following classes of gases for you:

  • IMDG Class 2.1 Flammable Gases
  • IMDG Class 2.2 Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic Gases
  • IMDG Class 2.3 Toxic Gases

This table shows examples of compressed and cryogenic gases that are transported using specialised tank containers.

T50 Tank ContainerT75 Tank Container
Refrigerant GasesNitrogen refrigerated Liquid (LIN)
Methyl chloride, Ethyl chlorideArgon Refrigerated Liquid (LAR)
LPG, PropaneLiquid Natural GAS (LNG)
Chloride dioxide, Sulphur dioxideHelium Refrigerated Liquid (LHE)
Butane, ButyleneOxygen Refrigerated Liquid (LOX)

Transporting Bulk Chemicals

Together with our global partners, we provide a variety of highly versatile tank containers which range from 21000 to 26000 litres, compatible to transport both dangerous and non-dangerous goods safely.

Tank Containers for carrying liquid chemicals: IMDG Class 3 – 9
All standard T11 Tank Containers are built with a stainless-steel barrels which are insulated and fitted with steam heating capabilities perfect for products such as:

Heavy Fuel OilsSolvents

Specialised Storage and Transport Tank Containers

Providing a solution to our customers is fundamental for us at ICA Bulk Logistics, therefore synergies are constantly developed to ensure we have the resources available to transport various commodities safely.

Below are examples of the specialized equipment on offer:

  • Lined Tank Containers for corrosive products such as acids
  • Temperature Controlled Tank Containers for products that require constant temperatures.
  • Bitumen Tank Containers are designed and optimized for the Intermodal Transport of bitumen.
  • Baffle Tank Containers for products with a greater density or utilized for transportation of smaller quantities according to weight limitations.
  • Semi-Bulk Containers (SBC) for small quantities.

Based on the customer’s requirements for loading and discharging, modifications can be done to the tank containers.

Our value-added services for all your logistics needs go above and beyond!

We provide our customers with a personalised, turnkey tailor-made solution designed to suit their needs.

Turnkey services include:

Static StorageWarehousing
Transportation - Door to DoorSafe Storage of Dangerous Goods
Leasing of Tank ContainersCrossing pumping
Sale of Tank ContainersMonitoring of Equipment
Project ManagementClearing & Forwarding