WHY moving bulk in stainless steel tanks is a green alternative to plastic or steel drums

The Benefits of Tank Containers:
  • Tank containers provide safe, reliable, cost effective intermodal transport
  • Tank containers are constructed under strict standards are specified by the IMDG
  • Tank containers are built to last 25 – 30 years with multiple yearly usage
  • Tank Containers are tested 2.5 and 5 yearly with independent certification
  • Tank Containers provide gains in safety, integrity, efficiency and cost
  • Tank Containers average an 18 to 20% saving over drums and minimize handling, therefore reducing cost
  • Tank Containers prevent waste by eliminating loss of product
  • Tank containers eliminate pollution because the tank is the packaging (therefore plastic or metal drums do not need disposal)

Food grade products, a cost effective and green alternative

Moving liquid bulk in tank containers is cost effective and a positive green statement. One Tanktainer of wine is equivalent to moving two 40ft containers of bottled product.

Optimising safety and efficiency for chemical and gas movements

Tank containers are built to stringent standards as specified by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code. The Rules and regulations governing the construction of tank containers ensure that the tanks are suitable for the multiple-use, safe and secure shipment of dangerous chemicals and gases. Using a quality environmentally safe tank container operated by our highly trained staff means dangerous goods are safely and efficiently moved internationally.

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